Email Designer

Easy to Use

Creating beautiful emails doesn’t need to be difficult. Flutterboots makes designing unique emails and newsletters a piece of cake, with an easy-to-use email design feature that puts you in control of your next campaign.

Easy to Use

Photo Editor
Built-In Photo Editing

Make an impression by adding colour, text and paint to your photographs. Browse and select files easily, crop your images to size, and get creative with attention-grabbing details. Your emails will jump off the screen with our editing software.

Mobile Optimised
Test and Preview for Mobile

With Flutterboots, you no longer need to worry about how you look on different devices. Our preview options for mobile and tablet mean your message is never unclear. We’ll ensure that your emails have wow factor on any and every device.

Optimized for Mobile

No-one wants to scroll through blocks of messy text, especially on mobile devices. Skip to the good stuff with bite-sized emails; our software will ensure your emails are striking and readable on even the smallest of handsets.

Intuitive File Manager

Easily access and manage your photos in our smart file manager. Flutterboots will save your images for future use, so that you can access your gallery whenever you need it.

File Manager